Timeout error

Hi All,
We are executing some SQL statements in ax database and fill the data in the excel sheet by using vb.net application.
Sometimes, we are getting SQL time out error. I have mentioned SQL command timeout time 600 seconds. But, still I am getting the same error. Is there any extra connection settings available for using ax database?
Error: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.


is it a windows or web app ? are u using ADO.NET or Entity framework or … ?

How do you execute the statement? By SqlDataReader or something?


Thanks for your reply. It is windows application.

I am executing the query by using the below code.

Dim dscmd As New SqlDataAdapter(SQLScript, cnn)
Dim ds As New DataSet
dscmd.SelectCommand.CommandTimeout = 600



It may be the timeout for the whole connection and not just the individual command.

try to add the below to the connection string

Connection Timeout=600