Time stamp in all forms

can we have time stamp in all tables to trace the updation time of each record.

please help!!

To achieve you had to customize every table you want that. Some tables (customer / vendor, etc) tracks last date it was changed. If you wanted to track also time you must also customize that.

You can use the global triggers in the Codeunit 1 (OnGlobalInsert, OnGlobalModify, OnGlobalDelete, OnGlobalRename) might help you perform a task like that.

You will not be able to directly store the time stamp for the modifications in the changed table unless you create fields for this purpose in the tables you are interested in.

At least you would just need to create the field, no code within the tables you are interested in.


… or you could use the standard change log and develop reports off this table.

Just a warning in case you choose the Change Log:

Standard Change Log can handle much more than only timestamps - it can log all changes in every field (previous value, new value, etc, just as its name states), but be careful configuring it - if Change Log is set up at its maximum, your database size will grow at light speed (or will even surpass it [:)] )

Not to mention kill your performance

Thanks for the suggestions… Thanks a lot

Hi Modris,

Good point, I should have added that I am only suggesting logging the insertion of the primary key field(s)