Time and Attendance

NAV 2013 with Extended Pack:

Is there a table that I could store Employee Clocking in and out within NAV ?

In User Setup check Register time for those users you wish to be logged, data accumulates in Time Register.

Sorry, I didn’t mean NAV Users. I meant Shop floor employees who clock in/out each day.

We want to store their info in the NAV Employee table. When they clock in using our Clocking in app, we wish to send the clock in/out times to a NAV code unit using a web service, so we can record time and attendance.

I could just create a new table in NAV to hold Employee No, Date/Time, In/Out

but if there is already something I could use, then so much the better.


Dave K

Registering Employees attendances features are not available in standard NAV. You will need to ask your Nav developer/Nav partner to customize it for you or you can look for suitable add-on which provide complete payroll solution for NAV.

Actually there are Time Sheets - new feature in NAV 2013 - but they are for different purpose, quote from Help:

If you want just register the attendance with NO further relation to Payroll, you might explore this option (given you have NAV 2013). Otherwise, follow Vijay’s advice.

Hi David,

Most companies in manufacturing uses a separate “Shop Floor” add-on which will both be used for Time & Attendance and to register start and completion of individual operations on the production orders. You should contact your partner. I’m sure that they have a local and suitable add-on product, which could solve your problem. Otherwise please let us know, then I do know a few companies creating such an add-on. I’m just not sure that they currently are operating in GB.