Time and attendance / job registration - working through a break


I have setup time and attendance to be used in conjunction with manufacturing execution (job registration) with a profile that includes a break (for lunch) from 11.30 - 12noon.

If a (production) job is registered that runs into this time period the time is not included in the calculation for this job.

The employee may work through their lunch or take it later so in this instance the time (and related cost) should include the time that was worked on the job.

A secondary type of Standard Time is setup against the break line but this does not seem to be used in the calculation when the job runs into the break period.

The help text against the secondary type states “Time type calculated if regular break is skipped or switch code is activated” which seems to be what I am trying to achieve.

Example job processed 11.02.00 > 12.09.36 , calculated time 0.63hrs. 1hr7mins36secs - 30mins.

When profile entry changed to Standard Time (primary type) from Break above example calculates at 1.13hrs.

Has anyone come across this scenario and successfully achieved the required results. Any suggestions on how to tweak the setup appreciated.

Regards, Paul

AX2012 R3 CU8