Timber Industry requirement

hi, I have a prospect who has a very unique requirement.I am not sure if it could be handled by Basic Navision Attain with work around solution or we have to customise ? This prospect of mine in timber trading. Now they buy and sell timber.when they buy an item say Tim001 it might come in 10 Meter and 15 meter.Now they bought 1pc of 10mtr and 1 pc of 15mtr and the system should tell us that there is 25 meter in stock and when I go in detail it should tell me 1 pc of 10m and 1 pc of 15m- Now this could be simple we could use the varient and capture this details. Well the issue is that they sell in all sort of combination. Say for example if a customr ask for 2 pc of 6mts then the cut from the 15mts log and and the balance 3mts they put back to inventory( so total balance avalible id 13mts). Next time when querries come to sell 3pc of 4mts (12mt in total)then the system should able to look into the combination and reject that there only avalibility of 2pcs of 4mts. Has somebody done an implemention of this sort if then any tips how to handle this kind issue in a pre sale demo.( Any work around). Best regards Patro.

Hi, I would use Attin Lot system and Unit Of Measure System. Your Base UOM is Meter. You will need two small modifications: In the purchasing system: If you buy 5 pc 15 m each (UOM 15M) system should create 5 lots with Qty 15. You can change Function Assign Lot No. in the Item Tracking Line Form. In Sales System: If you sell 5 pc 3 m each (UOM 3M) system should assign only lots with remaining quantity more than 3. You should change function Find Entries Automatically in the Item Tracking Lines Form. These modifications should take 2-3 hours. (I mean just for sales Demo). Valentin Gvozdev Andel Jewelry Inc.

Dear Valentin Gvozdev, I need to clarify and know when you do the puchase of of 1000 pc of 15mt item then the system should create the lost no Q 1 - are the lot no created automatically( from base on no of PC ( That needs customisation ?) If they are not create automacticall then it sould be a hectic manual job. Say they are created automatically still then should it be not problem to have so many lot in one order. Q-2 Secondly when the shipment come from the supplier for the above order they send one lot no . Now we have to have customise to have sub lot as in Navision becos the system doesn’t allow to repeat the same lot no in the same order. thanks for you views Patro.

Hi Patro, Valentin’s solution is exactly what I would have proposed. 1. You can generate generate lot number automatically. Currently you have to key in the starting number for series - e.g. AB-001 but we can easily modify this. 2. There could be a couple of ways to work around this which the simplest is if you get 5 x 15m of the supplier’s lot LOT-01, we can use this with the system’s built-in lot number generation to identify the five pieces as LOT-01-01, LOT-01-02 etc. Overall I agree with Valentin’s estimation - a good programmer and half-day max would be sufficient for a sales demo the Wish_Man