ticket printers and page settings

Hi, I have a problem regarding printing from navision to TEC barcode printers. You all now that when you install a barcode printer the page propertie’s must be set correctly. so the width, height of the label + the spacings and borders etc… if those are not correct you get a paper jam. Now when I do this correctly, (or I make a new paper type with the correct settings or I just change the default. does not matter for the problem) and print a test page the printer works. When I go into navision. print a report (that is actualy a label) and I choose the printer manualy from the list. It will work to. But If I change the printer selections for that report in navision. So i set a default printer for this report. And I print the report then. (navision will automaticaly choose my barcode printer) It will give a paper jam. So the next time I checked it out and what I see is that navision did not take over the paper settings I did in windows. So next I printed the label again. navision again chooses the correct label printer but before I press print I go to properties of the printer. change the paper settings there and then I pressed aply. Then I press print and it works. OK. So I do it again. And what do I see. Navision changed back to the wrong paper setings. How come? How can I tell navision to keep the right settings? I have this same problem in the folowing situations. situation one. A TEC B-SV4 barcode printer is conected serialy (com) to a windows 98 pc. situation two: A TEC B-472 is connected parallel to a windows XP client. On this client it works. But this client shares it over the network. The other XP clients in this network will print on this share but they got the problem discribed above. Tanks in advance.

What version of Navision are you running? Can you delete the formats that don’t apply in the printers properties? If ther driver only knows one format it usually works fine. If that doesn’t work. Try printing the report manually from navision and before you hit the print button, you choose file->printer setup (or what it’s called) and choose the correct format thee. Than the format is saved in the zup-file.

we use Navision Atain 3.60 I’ll try to do it like you said. Print manualy and change printer setup from the menu. tanks in advance.

If possible. Try upgrading client to 3.70B also. There is a fix in .B for printing issues.

Tank you Lars Westman It solved the problem by going to file->page settings. Select the printer there and change the paper source. Now it is saved in the zup file. Well we have some kind of fear created if somebody talks about upgrading. And there are also some 98 clients there. Becouse there are a few programs that can only run on 98 clients (special CAD optimalization programs) I’m not shure 3.70B is going to run on windows 98. Again tank you verry much for your help.

Is it possible for you to disable all other papersources in the driver? If so you dont have to do this since there is only one kind of paper that navision can print to.