Tick boxes

I would like to know how to add a tick box that then updates a reference field with the user who ticked the box and the date/time.

I know how to add the tick box but no idea how to do the user/date&time

Thanks for any help

Hi Phil,

You have to override ‘modified’ method of the ‘Tick box’ field. The you write the following code

public void modified()





user = curUserId();

date = systemDateGet();

time = timenow()




Thanks for reply Raghav

I would like to add a tick box to a table and then a form and next to it have a field showing the user that ticked the box last. Is this the best way of tackling the issue ???

Hi Phil,

As you said, add the ‘Tick box’ to the table and drag this field into the from at required place. Go to ‘Datasource’ node of the form, select the ‘Tick box’ field’s method node. Right click ‘tick box’ field and select “Override method → modified” method. Then you write the logic to denote the user who has modified this '‘tick box’.