this error show when open dynamic nav 2009r2

Hi guys when i open dynamic nav 2009r2 this error show to me

" the following odbc error occurred error [Microsoft ][odbc sql server driver] timeout expired state id hyt00

Kindly try this

This problem some times made before and come again without any thing and also my computer in domain not work group and i check tcp/ip it is enabled. and when this message made one user open and another user in network not open dynamic why and how i solve i dont know

Add your Server IP address and name in hosts file under

C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and try…

OK if enable of named pipes is the reason to make this problem or this no related to problem


IS your problem resolved ??


Did you try by adding IP Address?

I added in server only

thanks for reply

You need to add server IP in Client machine not in server…

OK guys thanks more time for help.I appreciate your help

What do you mean by this?

you should be clear whether your problem got solved or not.

ok solved

Can you share the solution with us so that it can help others