This ERP project will succeed!

This ERP project will succeed! How nice if we can always tell our boss or client confidently. This will be possible soon. Now the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is conducting a research on ERP system Adoption. Basically, we are constructing a model, which can be used to predict how likely a particular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system adoption initiative of an organization will turn out successful. If the odds is low, what remedial measures should be taken? The prediction is based on the degree of presence of nine critical ERP system adoption success factors that were identified in previous research efforts. The model is very useful for ERP system provider and adopter to evaluate their ERP project before significant resources were committed. As our research will greatly improve the success rate of ERP system adoption project, it is very much appreciated if you can share your valuable experience by filling out an focused questionnaire, which can be downloaded from The questionnaire is so structured that completing it alone already gives you a lot of hints in organizing a successful ERP system project. Besides, a copy of the final report will be sent to you as well. As the report is packed with wisdom in the ERP system adoption process, it is a passport to success. So how can you not be part of it ! Act now and returned the completed questionnaire to me, Terence Mo at by Oct.15,2003. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me. Data gathered in this survey will NOT be used in any other purpose. Explicit personal and company reference will NOT be made. All returned questionnaires will be destroyed after the completion of the study. Thank you very much ![}:)][}:)]

It is a rather long questionnaire. It has taken me almost 20 min. to complete. However, it was really worth the effort. I gained a lot of new insignt while traversing the questions. Looking forward to getting your report and it should be a big help to my next project. What is the expected delivery date anyway?

Steven, I’ve encountered difficulty in contacting you through your e-mail address so I respond to you here. I hope that you don’t mind. First of all, thank you very much for your enthusiasm in this study! I understand that it is very difficult to get a person who know all the important details related to an ERP system adoption initiative from start to finish. It is one of the limitation of this survey so it is perfectly ok to complete the questionnaire in your own perspective. In view of the mentioned shortcoming, I am now contacting a number of companies and trying to conduct some cross departmental interviews. If this goes nicely, the study will have some more balanced samples. Frankly, experience in both successful and not so successful projects are very important so it is very much appreciated if you can do both. I am looking forward to sharing your experience. Thanks. [}:)][}:)]

Hi Terence Thanks for the response. I will send one of both!