There is not enough memory to execute this function.

One of our clients is getting the error message ’ There is not enough memory to execute this function. If you work in a single user installation, you can try by reducing the value of the ‘cache’ program property. You can find information about how to optimize the operating system in the documentation for your operating system.’ when they run the Aged Accounts Receivable report. This happens once in a while and not always. They are a SQL Server installation.

Has this happened to anyone before?? IF so, how do you resolve this issue??

Usually this problem is related to infinite loop. Check if there is a function that it’s called recursively.

But, if that is the case then should it not happen in all situations?? The report should never run right? But, in this scenario it runs most of the times but sometimes it displays this error message.


Do you know how to reproduce problem? It’s random?

What version of Navision are they running?

You may find the report will need modifying to work (stably) in SQL environment. Why? Because if the report hasn’t been SQL modified, it may be getting record sets using Navision locking on tables as opposed to SQL locking; which other users on the system might be doing. It’s just a thought - we need to know the version of Navision … very important.

Also, how many users are there on system?

Atleast from what I can gather it happens in random situations. We are unable to recreate a specific situation that it always happens in. They are on Navision 3.10 and they have atleast 50 users. What would we need ot do to modify the report to work stably in SQL environment??

Firstly, are you sure that this error NEVER happens on NATIVE database. or in otherwords, why do you think it is a SQL issue?

My guess is that your report is using a Temporary table to store records,and that on some cases there are more records than you have RAM on that particular computer. Also as Nuno says, its quite possible that there is a break condition on a loop that sometime is not met.

As anyone found a resolution? We have recently upgraded a site to 5.0 SP1 and are randomly experiencing this error. They used the SP1 client (with 4.0 database) for a few months before upgrading the DB. I don’t see this as a recursion issue since the same function works sometimes.