There is no contact to the Navision Application Server

We have this error rmessage from

Administration, Commerce Gateway, System Check.

We are running NAV 4 SP3 on SQL 2000.

Dedicated (virtual) server for NAS

Dedicated server for BizTalk.

How can we resolve this error??

I had some troubles running NAS with MSMQ in a 64 bits server. Are you running in a 64bits server?

Hello Nuno

Thanks for your interest.

Not 64 bit.

We are running virtual servers, ESX from VMware.

We are building our Development / QA environment. Real SQL Server, virtual terminal server fro NAV clients, virtual server for NAS (jut one instance), and virtual servers for biztalk.

The systme check reports

No Contact to Navision Application Server but netstat and telnet show that it is listening.

The adaptor is not insatlled (commerce Gateway adapter is installed).

We spent all of Thursday working on this problem!

About my last question forget. I forgot that Commerce gateway doesn’t use MSMQ uses a custom component to make communications with BizTalk.
Witch BizTalk versions are you using? Lasted BizTalk versions aren’t supported by Navision only version 2000 and 2004 are supported.
Request server must be installed in same computer has BizTalk, did you made that?

Thanks for the interest. We found and corrected the problem; now just to configure the BizTalk Application!

We set the Encryption to NO in NAV, Commerce Gateway, Administration BUT the default in the TCPCOM_config.xml was set to YES.

This is not mentioned in any document and we assumed the worst: re-installing, registering dll’s, runnning traces and sniffer on the connection.

Moral of the story check the simple things first.[:)]

7527 20000000 Yes No **No** Yes C:\TCPDocLog\Request Yes C:\TCPDocLog\Response

Thanks for sharing solution

Some times to discover a simple error can be a headache. Microsoft Commerce Gateway out of box is missing several features. In those sceneries I recommend to use simples file exchange to integrate Navision and BizTalk in that way is more flexible.

That was some headache.

We will use the XML Navision PO but our output will be a flat file, looking likes IDOCS; inbound will be the reverse.