There is no add to source control in vs2019

When creating a new project in vs2017, there will be an add to source control option, but when creating a new project in vs2019, there is no add to source control. Can someone tell me how to find the add to source control option in vs2019?

You can add a solution to source control by opening it in Solution Explorer, right-clicking it and choosing Add Solution to Source Control.

Yes, this works, but every time you create a new element, you need to click Add Solution to Source Control, which is very inconvenient. Is there an operation similar to vs2017? Just check the add to source control option when creating the project, and the newly created element will be automatically added to the source control

This is done just once, when creating a new solution, not when creating new elements. The solution won’t stopped being tracked when you add a new element, therefore you don’t need to add the solution to source control again.
The only difference is that you’ll add the solution to control just after creating it, instead of when creating, which is what you asked for. Otherwise it’s the same thing. If you have some problem elements, it’s a different topic than how a solution can he added to source control.

Thank you very much, your answer has solved my problem