The value of ROUND parameter 2 is outside of the permitted range

Hi All,

When I post Item Journal, the error message prompted. I think miss out some setting. Please help. Tks.

The value of ROUND parameter 2 is outside of the permitted range

The Current Value is: 0.
The Permitted Range is: 1 to 2147483647.

Thanks in advance.

Garry Khoo.

I found the solution.

Goto Object Designer → General Ledger Setup

Change the decimal point as below:

Amount Rounding Precision Unit-Amount Rounding Precision
0.01 0.00001

Hope it’s help.


My guess is that the “Amount Rounding Precision” for the Currency you’re using is set to 0.

You must enter a value here. Depending on your NAV version the default value will be either 0.01 or 1 (or something else). But if the init value of this record has been changed, then you might experience this error.

Thanks Eric.

Yes it could also be from the General Ledger Setup table.

wow! I had the same error now and resolved it with your solution. Great job guys!!

Thanks - keep up the posts. This one really helped me out as I was unable to get ahold of my support desk over the weekend and we are going live!

Hi Sue, and welcome to forum!

If more problems arise with roundings setup - besides this one there are more threads about it, if you managed to find this one, there will be no problem for you finding all others, too [:D]

Shortly - there are many roundings to set up in Navision – amount, currency, VAT, payment etc etc, each in different place, but they almost all are correlated with each other, so often you need to change some other rounding, not the one reported - as it was with this thread’s case… But once you get them all in sync, you may forget about them.

We are putting in LS Retail and I got this error. Who would of thought after 7 years of operation that General Ledger Setup would be the problem. Thanks you postings are still helping.

Yes Charles, isn’t it joy that sometimes even very old posts from previous older versions of NAV can help you with an answer.