The User ID and Password are Invalid. Try Again


i have similar problem as but only different is I can access the NAV company with classic client but not with RTC. i get the error message “The User ID and Password are Invalid. Try Again”

I have win2003 server which has Sql 2008 and Nav 2009 on it. There is no Domain and all clients and server are on workgroup. i get this error message from the win2003 server.

Many thanks

Nick Demir


Is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV server service running and in what username its running?


Check the event log.


Have u added username in Windows Logins in Navision ?

Kindly check the same.

yes it is running. how do i find out what user it is running?


where and what dou want me look for?


in the windows login i have this



service are running with NT Authority\NetworkService

many thanks

The machine you are trying to login, go to control panel then go to administrative tools in there event viewer.

The you can find the error log, copy and paste the same in here.