The User ID and Password are Invalid. Try Again


I am in need of some help. I have a Microsoft Dynamics NAV demo system uploaded on to my laptop. I was going thru the lesson Manage User Rights and Profiles. I was setting up a SuperUser (or at least I thought). I logged out of Microsoft Dynamics. About an hour later when I went to log back into Microsoft Dyamics I got the message “The User ID and Password are invalid. Try Again”. Is there a way to undo what I did? As I am unable to login into Microsoft Dynamics NAV on my laptop. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank You!


What was the user name and password you were using when you first logged in to Nav?

I think u can try to delete the records in the table

windows login(2000000054) then use the super account to login.

Hi Imran-

I never had a user name or password. Before all I had to do is double click on the icon on my desktop and I was allowed access to NAV. My troubles began when I created a SuperUser. Any ideas on how I can undo what I did??



Hi Gary, thanks for responding.

I’m really new to NAV so could you please be a little more specific. How do I get to the records in the table?? Also, when I click Tool>>Security, Database Server Login and Windows Login are grayed out. Again, thanks for responding.


Hi Ken,

As part on the lesson you more than likely setup a user with the “Super” role assigned to it. I would doubt that you have assigned a password, so if you can remember the username (or is in the lesson), then you can use this to login (probably with a blank password). If this does not work and you are using the Cronus demo database, you can create a new database (File → Database → New) and restore the Cronus Backup (Tools → Restore)

Hi Dave-

Thank You so much for the response. I didn’t create a username, however the system gave me a username which is: User-75FA9A8230/Administrator. I didn’t come up with this user, the system did. I am unable to logon with that username. So since I am using the Cronus demo database I did as you suggested went to ( File>>Database>>New) Then went to (Tools>>Restore) and restored the Cronus Backup. Before I did this when I went to (Tools>>Security) Roles, Database Logins and Windows Logins were grayed out. After restoring the Cronus Backup they are no longer grayed out. The Super Role is still in there but there are no users. I’m almost there, but I’m still unable to logon to the database. Is there something I’m missing?? Any assistance you can give is greatly appreciated, Thanks Dave!


Hi Ken,

You have created a new database with the Cronus restored. If you open Nav again it is still pointing at the old database. Use File → Database → Open and select your new database file. Then use File → Comnpany → Open

Hi Dave

First of all, Thank You!

Secondly I did as you suggested, (clicked File>>Database>>Open), I entered the new database file name, clicked OK and now I am in the new database. At the bottom I can see user ID 75FA9A8230 which tells me that I have successfully opened the new database. I’m almost there Dave. The only problem I’m having now is there are no departments. How can I get the departments to show up on the left side of the screen like before??

By the way, when I clicked File>>Company>>Open the Open Company box appeared without companies…

You’re awesome Dave, Thanks for your help Man!

Hi Ken,

If there is no company there then I would suspect that the restore didn’t complete sucessfully. Try to open the database and restore the backup and then open the company.

If you can login in classic, can not login in RTC, you can try it in the classic:

Object Designer —>Table(Find windows login [The ID is 2000000054])—>Run (you will find some records , If existed , delete it )

Hey Dave-

Just wanted to say Thanks for your help. I followed your instruction and now the database on my laptop is working properly. I appreciate your help!


Thanks for the response but I did get my database working again!

Hi Ken,

Glad to Help [:D]

Can you please verify the solution