The type 'VarString' is not supported as a return value. with RDP parmQuery method

Hi All,

My RDP was working before add parmquery method:

this is class declaration method of my data contract:

class ETGExcDiffRepContract implements SysOperationValidatable
StartDate startDate;
EndDate endDate;
str packedQuery;

this is my parmquery method:

AifQueryTypeAttribute(’_packedQuery’, querystr(GeneralJournalEntryQuery_TR))
public str parmQuery(str _packedQuery = packedQuery)
packedQuery = _packedQuery;
return packedQuery;

when I run my controller class I get “The type ‘VarString’ is not supported as a return value” error. What should I do?

Please find helpful links:…/all_p161.html…/ax-2009-best-practice-violation-display.html…/bb530207.aspx

Umesh, could you please show us where exactly your links contain something related to the question? Because I can’t find anything.

Thank you Umesh,

Like Martin said your links can’t help my problem. I found the solution after I created this thread and published at my blog:

parmQuery method seem need for Sysoperation classes queries: