the transaction cannot completed because it will cause inconsistence in g/l entry table check which consistence function error message why

Hi guys when i try to unapply entries i face one error as following

when i go to customer card function - ledger entries-then select posted invoice entry then unapply

the message error show to me as right of picture as above

why this error happen

above proplem in right and debugger in left


Hi Ahmed,

This error occurs if the sum of the debit entries do not match the sum of the credit entries. Often due to in-correct roundings.

You ask “why this error happen”? Answer: Because the developer put it there!

There is a coding bug in your system. Most likely done by the developer who customized this or the related posting function.

So if this developer was you, then you need to debug the whole posting flow and follow all amounts to find out where exactly it went wrong. If you’re not a developer, then contact your partner and ask them to debug and find the error.

thank you for reply

Are there are any steps can i do without code to solve this proplem

No, this is a bug in the code. You might be able to do other transactions without getting this error. But it’s a bug and it needs to be fixed.