the subcontacting problem

I create a purchase order for outside-operation by using subcontracting worksheet. Now the purchase order is still not inoviced. But the related production order has been posted by someone and its status has been changed to finished. How should I do?

Hi PH What do you want to do? Are you saying you cannot apply the purchase invoice to the receipt?

yes,i can’t apply the purchase invoice to the receipt. what can I do? thanks!

Hi PH I am on 3.60 and did the following. 1. Had a released Peoduction Order and xreate a subcontracting PO from it. 2. Received the PO in. 3. Changed the status of the Produciton Order to Finished. 4. Created a Purchase Invoice and used the get receipt function to match the invoice to the receipt - without any issues. Therefore in 3.60 in the simplest scenario this is not an issue. Do you have any further information - what does it say when you try and apply the invoice to the receipt?