The so called "debugger"

The debugger is bad enough. But now in Attain there is a new climax reached. Zooming a record-variable and the debugger completly goes bananas. All the steps of translating captions, etc. are shown in detail. Does anybody know how to avoid this ?

Unfortunately this is a know issue because of the multi-language capability now. The program is translating the caption. Hopefully a fix will be released as is promised. Hopefully, it will be our Christmas present.

Thank God! I thought I was losing my marble. Is there any workaround besides message boxes? Darren Bezzant Development Specialist CSB Systems 1560 - 333 11th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L9 Tel: (403) 233-2955 Fax: (403) 233-2957

Yeah! there’s one : Write your own C/AL Debugger. On a more serious note I think you just have to have some patience until Navision A/S fix the bug fix.


Originally posted by DarrenBezzant: Is there any workaround besides message boxes?

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can anyone tell me what is the bug that is in the attain 3.01 version? how do i reproduce the bug? well i just want to know what i am going to deliver to my customer if i happen to implement attain 3.01 for a customer. Many thanks jordan

See the thread for a previous report of this problem and a workaround: All Forums Attain/Financials - Errors Ecetera Attain Debugger ‘‘Record Zoom’’ Problem Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner