The sales order got corrupt

Dear Friends,

Pls, i will be very happy if i could get immediate answer as i have a lot on my neck now .This problem occurred as a result of the size of Ibadan database. It affected only sales operation module because it is the only module where heavy concurrent processes takes place. The sales order got corrupt. Every information on the system are intact. We take backup every day but this also affected the last backup we took. Taking backup further could not be possible because when it gets to sales module, the backup operation will stop. We tried several options but they did not work. The last solution which we have adopted was to create another company for Inter Trade and use program to move all the data away to the new company. This is perfectly working fine. We have moved almost all the information away except G/L Entry, Item Ledger Entries, Value Entries. The information on the three tables are currently being transferred to the new company. These three tables constitute the biggest tables on the system. As the data transfer is taking place, the program locks all the tables to avoid interruption until it is completed. We are closely monitoring the data transfer program. If it completes today, Inter Trade will be up and running same day. We would start preparing to move our databases to SQL engine rather than using the native database that comes with Dynamics. If this kind of problem occurs on SQL one can easily use Query Language to isolate the affected table within a short time. Our databases are fast out growing the design of the Dynamics native database. We would require a more robust database engine where Dynamics can sit on.

Gbenga Olubitan

System Administrator(Dynamics)

Seems to be a nice workaround. Where is your problem now - or what is your question?

Dear Thomas,

Thanks for your quick reply,The problem now is that the user cannot open the sales order form and niether could the developer(both the table and the form). As a result posting at region where the database is been used is on hold. The error message recieve is as follows.

Other concurrent activities have reused the available space in the database that contained your snapshot of data. This can occur in connection with time-consuming tasks such as printing or making backups.
Wait until there are fewer concurrent updates of the database and try again.

If this occurs often, you should create more available space in the database. You can create more space in the database by:

* Expanding the database.
* Deleting unnecessary data.
* Date compressing older, non-current entries.
* Optimizing the database.

Have you tried to create a dataport and export all sales headers and lines?

If this works, call a DELETEALL without triggers on the sales header and sales line table and run the dataport again to import the data.

Do you use any external ODBC or c/front calls to update data in the database?

Have you tried to deactivate all secondary keys in both tables and re-enable them after compiling again? Most data errors exist in keys - not in data.

Another one: Can you debug with “break on triggers” and see at which place the error comes up?

Have u tried optimizing the Tables in File->database->information->Table->Select All tables here & then click on Optimize


Also checked that all keys are there in tables.

Sometimes Database restore stop in between while creating keys due to lack of space in database

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your concern. I have tried to export data from the sales header and sales line but the same error will occur. Is seems one cannot read from the sales line table any more. I tried to see if I could delete the table but to no avail. If it is possible to delete the sales header and sales line tables the problem would be over.

I have not tried to deactivate all the keys as you suggested.

When you debug it does not give one any clue to the problem.

I have not tried to optimize to tables.

It is not issue of restoration of data. You cannot even take backup again becuase when the backup gets to sales header and line it will generate the same error.

Is it possible to delete the sales line table when there is data inside? If I know how to do this then I will be fine.

When you try to export, does it fail at the first record or somewhere in the middle?

Are you using Native or SQL database server?

Suggest that you try to run the File, Database, Test option?

What results from the different options?

Can you increase the size of the database?

Can you optimise that tables - what results if you try to optimise the Sales Header and Line tables?