the remaining qty in prod. order component table

In our production processing, sometimes the actual consumption qty is more than the expected qty. In general, we firstly post the scrap qty in comsumption journal by manual, then post the output qty to backflush the expected qty automatically. But I found the field “remaining qty” in prod. order component table is zero , some other is less than zero. Would you like to tell me why? My navision verision is 3.01B.

Hi PH This is difficult to comment upon without more information. Are you seeing this after the production order is completed? Are you seeing this randomly or against set items? I presume none of the items are serialised or lotted? Can you reproduce this outside of your company, i.e. Cronus? When I am next in front of Navision I will have alook at the table in Cronus.

Hi PH I loaded a production order with a BOM where the flushing method was backward. I created a consumption journal and manually consumed some of the components. I then ran the output journal and completed the production order. Every component had a remaining quantity of 0. The Actual Consumption (Qty.) field reflected the automatically and backflushed quantities combined. However this is in 3.70. I do not have a 3.01 database to verify this on. Can I just make sure that you are not posting a negative consumption line after completely consuming an item on a production order, as I believe the remaining quantity field is not updated.