The registration number for 'VAT' tax type must be numeric with 11 characters


I want some customization of TaxRegistrationNumberTable_IN form (General ledger => Setup=>SalesTax=>India=>Tax Registration Number Form)

When we Create a new tax type VAT and related Registration Number is 12345678901V OR 1234567890V then i get the error :- The registration number for ‘VAT’ tax type must be numeric with 11 characters.

How to add Registration Number as Numeric + Alpha Please help me as early as possible…



VAT Registration field allows only numeric. If you want to add VAT Registration field as Alpha numeric then you need to customize the TaxRegistrationNumberTable_IN form.


thanks for replying,

Actually can you please elobrate your answer as i have already put all my efforts in customization of form-TaxRegistrationNumberTanle_IN ,but i am not able to find any success …

Waiting for your reply .

Thank Once Again…[:)]

The validation might be doing based on the legal requirements, why do you want to change that?

Hello Kranthi,

Actually in our project requirement it is strictly mentioned that the VAT registration Number should be a alpha numeric value for eg-12345678901V.The last letter should be alphabate.

Can you please suggest me any idea for doing so?


You can customize the method ‘validateTIN()’ code in the standard table ‘TaxRegistrationNumberTable_IN’ as like below.

then it will restricts that VAT registration number should be 10 numeric and 1 alpha characters.

public boolean validateTIN()


boolean ret = true;





if ((strkeep(substr(this.RegistrationNumber, #1, #10), #numbers) != substr(this.RegistrationNumber, #1, #10)) ||

(strkeep(substr(RegistrationNumber, #11, #10), #alphabets) != substr(RegistrationNumber, #11, #10)) ||

(strlen(this.RegistrationNumber) != #11))


ret = checkFailed(strfmt(“The registration number for Service tax type VAT must be alphanumeric with 10 numeric, 1 alpha characters.”)


return ret;


Thanks a lot Manjunadh [:)]

Hi Manjunadh,

The above solution have helped me a lot, also i want one more favour from you if can help me in that issue.

The issue is

I want to create a new form : In this form, when we select a BOMId in header at that time related item of BOMId from BOM Version Table should automatically display on Grid of line which is present in the same form.