The questions about the data interaction between AX2012 and CRM2011 by using ‘Connector for Microsoft Dynamics’

Question 1.

MaPs/Item Service to Product: When I modified the purchase price for a product in product information management module in AX2012, the modification didn’t pass to the CRM2011 end at the same time. However, after change the time in ‘check for date modified after:’ to time earlier than the current time, then the modification was able to pass to the CRM2011 by click the ‘activate’ button. In short, after changing the date to an earlier one, the modified date will be able to transfer from AX2012 to CRM2011. Is this synchronization procedure a proper way? Is there a standard & more effective way to do the synchronization after getting the information modified in AX2012?

FYI:As I found, the issue might be that the synchronization only inquiry the update time in InventTable other than the update time in InventTableModel which is the purchase table linked to the product information.

Question 2.

When I tried to map the attributes of CRM2011 to the AX2012 for product information, the mapping form in the AX2012 end was not exist. For instance, the attributes of vendor’s information in AX2012 need to be mapped into the attributes of vendor’s information in CRM2011. Do you know the reason for that?

Question 3.

MaPs/Account to Customer Service: When I tried to activate the data maps by the default mapping settings, the following error occurred. “[Account to Customer Service] has encountered an error while processing key [[百灵设计精品店 (示例), 330c7824-ceb6-e211-a8a9-005056a96b12]]. DAXIntegrationId is not the field in data source CustTable”, why ?

The following maps also excute failed