The proforma invoice must be archieved, so that we can reproduce it whenever we need to.

We added on the sales order form (form 1) an additional option ((1) placed in menu (6)) to print a
proforma invoice (report 1). Unfortunately we didn’t implement a feature to archive this
proforma invoice, but we need to. I propose to use the ABC (Codeunit 3) to
achieve this. This can be implemented similar to the option “B k” (don’t know how in the
English NAV)((2) placed in menu (4)). But this should work with an own entry at the menu button
“B” with Capture “P R b” (placed in menu (5)). If the report is started
this way there should no UseReqForm appear, and the order should be archived.
We should consider how to mark this so made archived documents as made by pushing the
“P R b” button. This is important if we want to recreate the Proforma‐invoice
as we otherwise don’t know what archived documents were sent as Proforma invoice. Any ideas
about this???

I’m not even going to try and keep track of all your references, and tell you about what I would look at. Standard NAV has archiving functionality that you could use for this purpose. You’d have to add something to mark the archived versions to keep track of which ones were actually printed as proformas. Open any sales order, and on the Functions button there is a selection called ‘Archive Document’, which copies the current state of the order as an archived copy. The “No. of Archived Versions” field should automatically update, and you should be able to drill down into the list of archived documents. What you’d also have to add to the system is a way to access archived orders for orders that don’t exist anymore. See if you like it.

Is this even Navision?