The operation is canceled.

Hi All,

I am facing an error while running a report in Job Queue -

The operation is canceled.

I have tried everything.Please let me know if anybody has solution over this.

it is a little more clear than “My NAV does not run and I receive error” ))

Maybe you write NAV version + report number or what this report does?

Hi RedFoxUA,

Thnx for the reply.

I am using a customizes report which I have setup in the Job Queue.I have already used this in many more clients its working fine everywhere.Basically this report is calling another report multiple time by providing different filter in the loop and extract excel file in a particular folder.

I am using Dynamics NAvision 2016 version.

Adding more detail over here that same report while running manually its working fine and getting no error

Fore more information I have attached the screenshot of the error in Job Queue log entry.

If all stuff (filters, source data, etc) are same (e.g. you run based on same filter with same Date with same … and difference is you run it manually, but not by JobQueue) - maybe Rights for user (yours and Job Queue) are different?