The Operating System returned the error(131);

I got an error while running the GL Entry report .


An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the begining of the file.

What should i do, in order to run the report?

Any suggestions?


Hi Renjith,

Debug and tell me where exactly the error occurs.

Hi Renjith,

does this report export any file? Then I’d say the file gets too big, try to reduce the number of g/l entries in the report by setting filters (for example don’t export all g/l entries but only those for one year etc.).



Any other solution is there? Do u know how to increase temporary file size?



Hi Renjith ,

Can you show me the code where you got error.

Please show the code where you got error or screen shot of error[:)]

CAUSE: This problem occurs because Microsoft Dynamics NAV cannot handle temporary files that exceed 2 GB when the report or the dataport inserts data into a temporary table.

Please follow the link for more details


Mrinal Singha

hi Renjith,

if your question is answered, please give back a short feedback and verify the answer(s), which helped you.

Hi, In the operating system there are many errors has been come which cannot be solved. I also got the solution of one of the error 0x803f8001 . It provides technician point that can solve these error in minutes of the second.

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