The navision server is no longer responding. Th...

Obviously this message indicates a problem with the network connection, but does anyone know any other condition that might cause this? Reason being, when one of our users runs a particular report it gives this error. Our tech guys have checked out the network connection and they say it’s OK, and doesn’t drop. Any ideas? Cheers Justin

have you checked the service? What kind of report is it? Is the problem only at one workstation or on multiple?

Hi has the report run on a different workstation OK? is it a local client connection or through vpn & citrix It could also be the report has some code that is looping with no exit.

Hi, It’s just that user running that report. The PC is on a 100MB TCP/IP connection, connected directly (no terminal services etc) The report is fairly complicated and involves a fair amount of churning, but it runs fine on my PC - it all points to it being a problem with that PC IMHO, but our tech guys reckon it’s OK. Also the user has no problems with other network applications (Outlook, etc). Cheers Justin

Try switching the network cable or the network card on the workstation. It’s bound to be a PC problem.

Have you checked, if someone has changed the port and/or host setting on the workstation? Michael