The License Information on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database server is invalid

I have installed SQL Server 2008 R2, Dynamics NAV 2013 RTM, on Windows Server 2008 R2 a virtual machine (VMware).

Everthing is installed correctly and the Developer opens with both Cronus License as well as with partner license, but the RTC only opens with the cronus license and not with the partne license.

The license is updated also.

When starting RTC we get error “The License Information on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database server is invalid”.

I have checked with both licenses using upload & save in database option one at a time but no luck.

Restarted the service after uploading / save in database also.

Can anyone help me out, the VMware is running on WIN 7 Premium with SP1 on Dell laptop.

I am sure you must be getting this error in NAV2013 RTC.

What do you mean by updated the License?

The licence which have been downloaded from voice. Yes in NAV 2013 RTC.

Are you sure you created new licence with 2013 Perpetual rights and country?

Please try uploading again and restarting the services…

ok,will get back.

You need to download new license for Nav 2013 from partner source.

Yes now it works after downloading the license of NAV 2013.

Good to here [Y]

As a developer i went to see the changes made in the license and found that there are going to be two licenses,one for customers & another for partners.

So you only need to save the license in the database for developer use & upload the license for RTC for customer use.

What do you mean? There has always been different licenses, partner licenses and customer licenses. Never to be mixed! Your partner/developer license should NEVER be uploaded into the customers database. Only time is when you use the Development Environment (C/SIDE) where you can use the “Change” to change the license temporary.

That’s right erik.