The item must be standard cost controlled problem in AX 2012

While Start and complete operation on Kanban board for Process Job I am getting this error…

*Kanban job status update - Kanban: 001457_1018 - Item number: 2301 - The item ‘2301’ must be standard cost controlled"

Inventory Model group : WA

Kindly let me know in detail

If you want to implement Lean manufacturing the costing method of the items must be standard, you have no other choice.

Thanks !!

but how to convert my current WA to standard cost control.

You need to use items with a standard cost model attached, not advisable in a live system to change the model group, cannot remember if you can change the costing method, doubt it if transactions exist for obvious reasons.

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but when I keep Item as a std cost them error is coming that "your Item is not standard cost control " Active standard cost

Sir !

Even I put Std Cost to item still I am getting this error

"Kanban job status update - Kanban: 001952_1018 - Item number: 2411 - No cost rollup is found for this item. Activate the item cost price"

Kindly help

Where are you “putting” the stadnard cost exactly in AX?

Sir !

I am putting std cost in

CEU/Product information management/Common/Released products

Item Model group :STD Cost

Kindly help to solve this problem

Okay so assuming the item model group standard cost is set with a costing method of standard cost you need to create and activate a cost in the costing version. Select the price button on the item, define all relevant fields and press activate.

Thank you very much sir !!

Now kanban card showing status complete !

Here I can complete only finished or final goods but how kanban board for process job will show kanban cards for WIP jobs.

means A(WIP) to B(WIP) to C(WIP) to D(Finished goods) here I want 3 kanban board for process and here on each stage kanban card should move to next level.

I would suggest that new questions get a new post so other users pick up the thread. I am also not sure what you mean, you mean a Kanban that is open but not complete - they only appear in the correct place and colouring if needed depending upon the setup.


Is this issue in AX 2009 or in AX 2012? I am getting this error in AX 2012 and was trying to follow along with the solution but when you said to go to the item and hit the Proce button, I do not see one in AX 2012. Help a blind man…

You need to activate a standard cost price, either from the costing version or the item, there is no button in AX2012, but there will be the same menu option just in a different user interface.


i have the same error (AX 2012): No cost rollup is found for this item. Activate the item cost price.

But i have activated the cost price (i created manual a cost price):


inventory model: standard cost

costing version ‘0’: costing type = standard cost, block = no, block activation = no

item price (after push button ‘activate’ in tab pending prices):

price type = cost, version = 0, site = site x, price = 41, price unit = 1, price charges = 0, price quantity = 0, incl. in unit price = yes, unit = Pieces, activation date = today, blocked = yes, calculated = no, log = no

Can someone help me?



Can you post a screen shot of the activated cost for your production item?


this is the printscreen:

Run a calculation and then update it with this active price and see if you still get the error.