The 'importancy' - property (MAPI)

Hello! Does anyone know how I can get the importancy of an e-mail message when I use the MAPI-OCX to download mail? I can’t find any property that contains this kind of information. Thanks in advance. Anolis Sittard Netherlands

In the OCX that is shipped with Navision, there’s no way you can set or get the message priority. Kind regards, Jan Hoek Solution Developer Weha Automatisering BV The Netherlands

Martin, you may want to check the Automation Controller for Outlook it may offer better support for e-mail handling than and the important flag property might be available there If your client is using Lotus Notes then forget my comment :wink:

Hi, Thanks for your replies. I use Microsoft’s MAPI-OCX. I don’t know nothing about Lotus-Notes, but does this mean that I can not use this ocx with Lotus-notes? Anolis Sittard Netherlands

Theoretically each MAPI compliant e-mail software should support all MAPI calls. No matter whether it’s Outlook, Pegasus or Notes. However, I have read so many comments in this forum complaining about Notes’ e-mail capabilities that I have reason not to trust Notes MAPI compatibility. Therefore one might assume that you are right fearing that it won’t work with Notes. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian