The hierarchy provider did not return any users

Hi everyone,

I am receiving the following error at the completion of workflow. A Purchase requisition is created then submitted to go through the proper workflow. But instead of showing up in the creators que as approved I receive the error below. Has anyone else ran into a similar situation? any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Usually that means that the system can’t find the appropriate user in a particular hierarchy. Are you trying to use an organization hierarchy or managerial hierarchy to find an approver?

Yes that’s exactly right. The system has gone through the complete process but for some reason the Purchase Requisition is getting stuck in this position and isn’t coming back as approved.

Check to see if you have “all approvers” or a “single approver” required. What might be happening is, after initial approval, the workflow engine is escalating to the next approver. If there isn’t a higher level in the hierarchy, it throw this message.

Also, your stop condition might be wrong. Again, until AX reaches the stop condition, its going to keep looking for additional approvers.

Take a look at this link to see what I mean:…/dd362071(v=ax.50).aspx