The filter "0414A4C1F6' is invalid...

errorwell, i can’t figure out how to post the screen shot of the error msg, but it goes like this:

The filter "0414A4C1F6’ is invalid.

An apostrophe (’) is missing in the filter in the No. field in the Equipment Transfer Ledger table.

For information about entering filters, see the online Help.

…then it basically crashes the application. Please help! I have no idea what to do about this. I’ve looked in Object Designer for that table and there is no filter with that ID. So i don’t know what to do next.

Thanks in advance for any help!

It seems that you have a custom objects that makes a wrong filter. I don’t know you have a developer license and if you enable debugger you should see line code that is making that error appearing.

there is a debugger option, but i’ve never used it. would i select Active for it? and what is “Code coverage” in the debugger menu?

You could enable only debugger and if you have correct license you can see why this error message is generated.

I think this message is originate from coding error. If this is the case, you should contact partner that implemented that add-on, object, etc.

I’m telling that is custom code or add-on object because std. Navision doesn’t have a table with name Equipment Transfer Ledger.

ok, but the strange part is - this table has been in existence for quite some time and is used daily. i’m just trying to figure out why something like this would just pop up all of a sudden. there’s nobody in our Super access role except administrators and we don’t know enough to go in and change something. we don’t know anything about coding of Navision. [:^)]

Is this a manually set filter?

What I’m looking at is the " in the filter ("0414A4C1F6’) - why you use a double’ in the beginning and a single’ in the end?

I’m not sure…like I said, i’ve looked in the Object Designer for that table and that filter doesn’t even show up there. is there somewhere else i can look for the filter?

i’m sorry i’m such a Navision illiterate, but i’m telling you everything i know. [*-)]

Can you only tell me when this happens? When you open a form? I’m trying to see if there is a saved filter in ZUP file.

it happens when you click on the link to go to the table.

what is a ZUP file?

User settings are stored in a file called fin.zup. That file is in Documents and Settings\User\Application Data

Some filters applied by users are saved in that file. Try do delete or rename that file and try to open again Navision. Check is error persists.

ok, i tried that, but it didn’t work.

i did find out that the table is in Sales & Receivables. As soon as you click on S&R, you get the error msg.

Hi Sonja,

Firstly a big welcome to The Dynamics User Group. [^]

As to the issue, this error is hard to diagnose with out actually being there. The first thing is to work out what the actual error message is, is the first quite one double quote, or two single quotes?

Since this is happening when you open S&R setup, my guess is that someone has added a flow field based on either Detailed Cust Ledger, or Value Ledger that calculates sales. Then someone has created a customer of an Item >> '0414A4C1F6 << this is then reported as ’ '0414A4C1F6 ’ so what is 0414A4C1F6 is there an item or customer with that number? If so check if there is a single quote at the begining.

Hi David. Thanks for the welcome!

Here’s where you get to see what a newb I am to the Navision world. How do I go about checking what you suggested? [:$]

Hi, Sonja,

before anybody can try to suggest where to look, do you recognize any resseblance between that code and any code used in your company?

Does it look like a customer code? does it look like a item code? a vendor code? or is just a string of characters with no meaning at all?

I think somebody already asked this question. Maybe I missed your answer.

Anyway, how long has been your company using Navision. Who did the installation? Who took care of users’ training? Who realized the needed customizations?