The federal or state amount cannot exceed the total amount

Hello everybody.

I got this error message when I retrieve a voucher template based from a posted invoice journal. The invoice journal transaction has sales taxes. The template type of the saved voucher template is percent. When I opened a new invoice journal and clicked FUNCTIONS>Select voucher template then chose this precent voucher template type. I put the amount prescribed on the prescribed message box. The data in the template is correct but when i click the validate button, the above error message appeared. I checked the sales tax and sales tax group and it’s fine. My questions are:

  1. What triggered this error?
  2. Is the federal or state amount refer to the amount of the invoice posted?
  3. If yes, does the system computes the federal or state amount from a percent type voucher template?template?
  4. If no, how do I fix this error after I fetch the voucher template?

Your assistance is dearly appreciated.