The effect of the opening balance

Assume that a new company ( a trading company ) wants to run NF First of all they will be setting up a lot of stuff in General Ledger module, Sales & Receivable module, Purchase & Payable module and Inventory module After that they must be enter the opening balance of their Balance Sheet account and of course the Customer Card ( for customer detail balance ), Vendor Card ( for vendor detail balance ) and Item Card ( for item detail balance ) that can put from the General Journal and Item Journal If the opening balance for the item hasn’t been input yet, then the company wants to run the transaction ( such as a purchase transaction which can added the quantity of the item ) The question is, what the effect of that action in NF ? Thanks for the coorporation Best Regards, Agatha

Hi Agatha, I don’t know if I understand you question correctly, but what we did (we started on 1-10-2000 with Navision): We entered through a dataport all inventory on stock (pos. adjustment) and after that we ran the calculate and post inventory value. Temporarely we changed the posting group setup table to have this value posted against the starting balance. The open vendor and customer ledger entries were also (manulally) posted against the starting balance. Of course, this is very complicated and delicate material (you will always want to migrate the right way) so I suppose your NSC has also a detailed roll-out plan four you? Marion