The dimension '[Master Company Reporting Currency]' was not found in the cube.

I installed Role Centers on Axapta 2009.

Generated cubes from axapta perspectives and processed with success all cubes.

The error appears when try to run one ssrs report(“Invoiced purchase amount”).

The complete error:


An error has occurred during report processing.

Query execution failed for data set ‘InvoiceAmount’.

Query (71, 3) The dimension ‘[Master Company Reporting Currency]’ was not found in the cube when the string, [Master Company Reporting Currency].[Currency].&[Local], was parsed.


Checked the Analysis Db and this dimension(’[Master Company Reporting Currency]’) doesn’t exist.

What steps I have to do in final to have generated this dimension?

I need license key for Analysis Service?

have you got the solution for the above error //

please respond me as i am in urgent need for the solution