the diffrences of license between enteprise user,functional user,task user and self serve user

dear all,

Does any one know what is the differences of license between enteprise user,functional user, task user and self serve user.

If i buy the licenses , what can i get from the four type of license.

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There are no major differences, other than the cost behind the license type. For example, Enterprise costs the most, while Self Serve costs the least. Enterprise license-level roles typically can perform module setups in AX, as well as perform large periodic functions such as running Master Planning, posting financials, and so forth.

You will quickly learn that many of the out of the box roles with AX 2012 are Enterprise level. You will need to build custom roles to fit the needs of your organization at the least cost.


Hi silvano,

So how about function user and task user. what is the differences.

thanks in advance