The difference flowfilter between classic reports and rtc reports

Hi All.

I just got a strange problem, If I have omited sth? The results in classic report and rtc reports are different, Because I have used FlowFilter?.

The case is:

I defined a FlowField MTBD in table product group and I set the calcFormula to be :

“Sum(“Purchase Line”.Inv.Cu.Qty WHERE (Document Type=CONST(Invoice),Type=CONST(Item),Gen. Prod. Posting Group=CONST(AGC),Item Category Code=FIELD(Item Category Code),Product Group Code=FIELD(Code),Order Date=FILTER(<>’’),Shipping Date=FIELD(Date Filter)))” , “DataFilter” is a flowFilter in purchase line table.

The report is:

Item category

Product group

I wrote such code on the trigger : ONAfterGetRecord of Product group dataItem.

SETFILTER(“Date Filter”,’> %1’,TODAY);

At last, The result of CLASSIC are exactly correct,But in rtc, it is not correct, It seems the problem of the filter.

Any suggestion are warmly appreciated

Thanks in advance.

I am sorry, I made a mistake,Not the flowfilter between classic report and rtc report are different but the value of the dataFilter. I just knew the reason is the work date, Strangely, Why does the work date of mine always be 2009-3-3? it leads my wrong results. Any way, Thanks who have replied me in my other post, thanks all. I love this place.Happy new year to all.