"The date is not valid" Error that is not begin trapped by the Debugger

Hi there,

Running Nav 4.0 sp1

We have a situation where we are getting the standard “The date is not valid” error

When we have debugging active the debugger is not stopping at the line containing the error. It just runs through to display the error message.

We have tried “trigger on breakpoints” but this has not seemed to help.

Is there a general reason why the debugger cannot trap errors of certain types.

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where exactly you are getting this error.

after inserting date in date type field or posting some document.

also check your date format…

Thanks for you quick reply.

We are not directly setting any date but changing a status field in a record object (written by a 3rd party) from Edit to Active.

I think it’s best not to go into the exact detail of the code. We are looking for some general reasons why the debugger would not stop at the error line.

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“I think it’s best not to go into the exact detail of the code”
This will make this post one of those 20 question posts [:S]

Is this 3-party field changing bypassing all Navision Logic?

Might be because of some user permission or because of license issue. have u tried with developer license & super permission??

Good thoughts

but we are using a developer licence and we are logging in database login of sa with full permissions.

Is it possible for the 3rd party developer to “lock” their code in some way that stops the debugger working?

We are however able to see the source code so this seems unlikely.

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In my knowledge a general reason for that is that the error is not generated by code, but by a property, such as calcformula or tablerelation

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the debugger not break when it encounters an actual error. Are you sure it’s not a message instead of an error? Also, the debugger doesn’t always break right at the statement, you have to kind of get used to interpreting where it breaks.

Many thanks for your input.

As far as I can tell all the code being run is bespoke code for a complete module written the 3rd Party and therefore not hitting any navision core functionality.

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Many thanks Anna,

We are giving your ideas a go and will let you know what we find.

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There is no chance to prevent from debugging. Any application does at least need the READ permission in order to execute the code of an object. And READ permission is what you need for debugging.

Dear All

We have worked out what the problem is. There is a Control on the report that has a SourceExpr of “My Date” + 1. The report is returning the message “The Date is Invalid” because “My Date” is null. We will create a Variable to handle this scenario instead.

A daft mistake - thanks for all of your comments and apologies for wasting your time.