The clocks on the client and server machines are skewed

Hi All,

Have you encountered this error upon printing a report in ax 2012 R2?

5706.clock issue pascual.JPG

I have checked the timezone in the AOS server in RDP and in the AX but it has same setup. I wonder why this error comes up upon printing a report. Please help. Thanks in advance

guess your time zones are different in both domain controller and Server.

Try running this command in both boxes!

w32tm /resync

Hi AnandMallavarapu7,

Thanks for your response. unfortunately, the upon running this command, the error still exist :frowning:

Did you synchronize machine time with domain controller time?

Is the time same in server and Domain controller?

For synchronizing machine time and domain controller time

And also check if Windows Time service is started, because this is required for time to be synchronized.

Hi AnandMallavarapu7,

I discovered that the domain controller and the client machines time did not match. I synchronize the time of the client machines to the domain controller and it now works fine.

Thank you very much for your responding!