The call to memeber Send failed. MAPIMessages returned the following message:"" in NAV 5.0 on a Windows 7 Computer


I’ve been searching for a solution for this and I cannot find anything. I have a user using a Windows 7 Professional x64bit computer running NAV 5.0 SP1. NAV is running fine, except when they go into the purchase module and attempt to send a purchase order to a PDF by pressing the “PDF” button on the PO they receive the following error:

This message is for C/AL programmers:

The call to member Send failed. MAPIMessages returned the following message:

The computer has MailOCX 1.00.01 installed and registered in the Custom Controls area (I have even tried re-registering MailOCX). The PDF button looks like a standard NAV feature - I have not touched any of the coding behind it (we don’t have a dev. license). This function works perfectly fine on Windows XP computers.

The user can bullzip documents just fine and is using that as a workaround; however, it is inconvenient for them. If anyone has any insight into this issue and what I can do to resolve it, I would be extremely grateful for your advice! Feel free to let me know if you need more details.


  • C

Hi Courtny,

This is a custom code , you refer to - thus its though cookie .

You may need to speak with your developer what components he/she used.


Thank you - really hoping I could fix this on my own but as I can’t see the code I have no idea what is going on there.

  • Courtney

Perhaps next time you would know . One can only figure if can see the code … and this is not a standard code so we wont have a clue .


Interesting that it is not a standard feature! I figured it might be standard as I remember this button being available since we’ve had NAV, but it might be a customization. I will follow up with our NAV consultant and hopefully be able to post a solution. Thanks, - Courtney