The Axd document does not support this action exception in AX 2009

Hi All,

I created two new tables and created a new Axd query using those 2 tables and the relation between those table is RecId and RefRecId.

I ran the AIF wizard and created the AIF service and exposed it as a web service when tested it for the first time we got an exption “The Axd document does not support this action.” and googled for it and I came to know that my new service missing “FindKeys” service operation and then I added it and the service worked fine.

After couple of days we added two new fields to the child table and ran the AIF update wizard it started giving the same exception.

I couldn’t understand why, can any one let me know if you were experienced the same.

Thanks in Advance.

Is it still related to FindKeys?

Do you have ticked findKeys in Update document service dialog?

Hi Martin,

When I was running the update wizard the FindKeys already checked, and the service have that FindKeys operation too in AOT and in all the places.

Still when a call made to the service its throwing that exception again and again.

Assuming that you’re calling FindKey (which you didn’t confirm), please look at the actual code of your FindKey operation.

I checked it I am calling a customized service which is “UpdateSalesLine”.

If you checked it, what did you find? If you didn’t find the piece of code throwing the exception, you either checked it in a wrong way or you’re checking a wrong place. The debugger is your friend in these cases…