The attempt to connect to the report server failed.

hi all

i got this error when i try to view report in dynamics ax 2012

i already check wither my account have access and it is .

so any help please

The attempt to connect to the report server failed. Check your connection information and that the report server is a compatible version.

hi rasheed

check the business connector is have the same configuration

and also check the reporting Services

CEU–>System administration–>Area page–>Setup–>Business Intelligence–Reporting services and validate the services

thanks a lot for replaying
but it seem that i have more than this error
these problem were come after i compile the AOT and i canceled theis operation and then try it again
so not the report the form in aot doesn’t open and report and so many things
iam very new in this application
so i am reinstall the software again

very sorry if i disturb you or waste your time
very grateful for your quick answered and thank you