The Agile Buffet Table: Implement your own Agile process at India’s Biggest Summit for Developers

Great Indian Developer Summit 2010 – Gold Standard for India’s IT Professional Ecosystem

Are you new to Agile? Having challenges implementing an agile process in your organization? Have you been using Scrum, but need to bend the rules to make it work in your organization? Can’t get the business to “buy-in”? Joel Semeniuk is coming to India’s biggest summit for the software developer ecosystem - Great Indian Developer Summit to teach how to implement an agile process in your organization. You’ll look at the “buffet table” of agile processes and procedures and learn how to properly decide “what to eat.” He’ll start by defining XP, Scrum, Kanban and some other popular methodologies and then teach how to mix and match each process for various scenarios, including the enterprise, ISVs, consulting, and remote teams. Then take a look at agile tools and how they will aid in implementing your development process. Lastly, he will talk about how to “sell” agile to your business partners and customers. The summit will be held 19-22 April 2011 at the IISc in Bangalore.

Joel Semeniuk is a founder of Imaginet Resources Corp; a Canadian based Microsoft Gold Partner. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP in Team System, and INETA speaker, and has a degree in Computer Science. With over 18 years of experience, Joel specializes in helping organizations around the world realize their potential through maturing their software development and information technology practices. Joel is passionate about Application Lifecycle Management tooling, techniques, and mindsets and regularly speaks at conferences around the world on a wide range of ALM topics. Joel is also the co-author of “Managing Projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System” published by Microsoft Press as well as dozens of other articles for popular trade magazines. Joel is also a certified Scrum Master.

For further information on GIDS 2011, please visit the summit on the web