The 12:00:00 PM Form Error!

I’ve noticed a strange error! I call it "the 12:00:00 PM Form Error! In several forms - especially forms with extended behavior - like dynamic changing of the size, the form is “looking strange” - it’s size is not shown correctly. I.e. it has size bars like it had been saved in a smaller size than it was designed. We found the error because editing and saving the object “fixed” the problem and it showed just beautifully. The only problem was that when I set back the time to “12:00:00 PM” the error came back. We are always setting the time to “12:00:00 PM” on our QA checked and released for production objects. So I guess that we in the future should set the clock to “12:00:00 AM” which gives no errors. We are running Navision 3.70.a. - but the samme error exists with 3.70.b - I haven’t tried with 4.00! Did anyone else see this problem before?

Hmm - I guess it has something to do with the number of beers [:0)] you have had at the end of the day, versus the lack of beers in the beginning of the day [:D]

Hello Erik, Don’t worry - you are not going mad, but we thought we were when we found the “7:00:00 AM Report error.” We have a client who runs a 2.60G database on 3.70A executables with a SQL database. We made a small modification to the Expand Target Group Report (Report 5090). As part of our versioning policy, we always change the Time for each modified object in the new release in the Object Designer to 7:00:00. When we did this and then tried to run the report, we got the following error: “Field No. 7 is not defined in the Prospect/Contact Market Group table.” Whenever we changed the time to any other time than 7:00:00, it would work! Put it back to 7:00:00 and it would fail again! This can be replicated as follows: 1.) Take a backup of a standard GB2.60G Cronus database - Restore this into a 3.70 SQL database (The version of MSDE on the 3.70 CD will do). 2.) Go to the Expand Target Group Report (Report 5090) - Delete the Contact Data Item, this is not used by the client in question. Put in Contact as a Global Variable to overcome any compilation errors. 3.) Save the Report - Run it and the request form appears. 4.) Close it, change the Time to 7:00:00 - Run it again - It errors! In the end we just set the time to 7:00:01 witha comment in the code to explain the anomaly…I’m afraid to report that the consumption of beers had no positive impact on the problem…other than to make us feel better about it… [B)][:D][xx(]

Hi Erik, i am interested on your “the 12:00:00 PM Form Error”. do you have a “guidance” to replicat it? did you make a service request at Partner Source (MBS)? Perhaps a text-export and import will help to correct the “12:00:00 PM Form Error”? br Josef Metz

What’s this? A contest for the silliest Navision bug ever? [:p] Seriously, and ignoring the hilarious part of it, I’m quite curious… Erik, I suppose your database was also SQL Server, just like Edward’s, right?!

Nelson, Yes it is SQL Server! Josef, I cannot create a new object and this way the error (or actually - I think not - I didn’t try it).