Thai Language in NAV Report

Guys, I have a problem about how to add Thai language (ญีพแ้ฟหำ รือนรแำ) as a title and caption in visual studio 2010 report? I would like to make a sales in voice report using thai language but insert this thai (ญีพแ้ฟหำ รือนรแำ) through Visual studio 2010.

i have used these ways 1. install visual studio language pack, 2. Set input method kyeboard in windows OS, and set languge in navision2013 7.0 but all of theese unsuccess. pleese give your advice. thank you.

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To my knowledge then you shouldn’t need anything but setting the Thai language within NAV. If you just have all captions in your report in Thai also, then it should work!

You can use font like DilleniaUPC and set the language preference to Thai in machine

It will work

Of course Amol, the font you’re using from within RDLC also has to support Thai! [:)]


It is working with NAV 2013 …

Yes Amol, but what I mean is you’re right, he have to make sure that the font he selects actually contain Thai characters. I sometimes have the same problem with Danish. Not all font types contains the country specific characters, like our Danish Æ, Ø and Å

And in regards to the part of the question on how actually to insert the text in Visual Studio, getting the right characters, as I see the question. Then what I usually does is to get someone else to type the text for me and then just use copy-paste into Visual Studio.