"Thai_CI_AS" Codepage

OS: Windows 2000 server (Thai is default language: registry value of OEMCP is 874) Program: MS SQL Sever 2000, Navision attain TH 3.10A We tried to create sql database via Navision Attain TH 3.10 A(MS SQL Option ). During creating, we couldn’t select “Thai_CI_AS” SQL collation that is our sql default. When we clicked drop down button, it said “Drop down cannot be used here because there is no choice”. Only thing we can choose is “Windows collation” that came with only “Thai” collation description. Then we can create database. However, the created database got “Thai_Bin” collation that is case-sensitive that we don’t want. Had anyone used to found this problem before?

What is the system code page of the client machine?

Both server and clients codepages are 874