TFS Configuration

Hi Pioneers,

I have requirement to automate the ALM (Application Life cycle Management) process through tfs 2013 & Visual studio 2010 SP1 ultimate (compatibility with AX 2012 R3) & Visual studio 2013. Kindly request you to please share the document preferable step by step of TFS Configuration for automated build, beploy, test with respect to MS Dynamics Ax 2012 R3.



Kindly send the docs on

Thanks !!

This is a discussion forum, not just a place for requests. If people just sent answers by e-mail, nobody else would see them, which would make the forum useless. Please also realize that your e-mail address will be quickly noticed by bots and added to spam distribution lists.

Configuration of version control systems (including TFS) is described on MSDN in Version Control Setup for Microsoft Dynamics AX [AX 2012]. If you meant installation and configuration of TFS itself, consult TFS documentation (I’ll leave the exercise of finding ti by a search engine to you).

Regarding automated builds, read Easy Automated Builds.

Regarding deployment, you can look at Release Management for VS2013 … and AX : The first tool. Note that RM offers several different approaches - I’m currently using vNext releases and will soon switch to a private preview of an even newer version, which again works differently.

Not sure what you want to configure for tests.