Texts must not exceed 237 characters

We have a user defined table in Navision V2.50. There is a description field on the table defined as Text 250. When we run the table and select a particular record and click into the description field we get an error message “The texts below must not exceed a total of 237 characters”. The error message also lists the data from the field. After this has happened you can’t come off the record and you have to crash Navision to get out of it. Does anyone know what causes this. Is it possibly a special character within the text[?]

Not sure, but how was the data created, Import via Dataport, Keyboard or read directly into the table by a codeunit? I do remember a few years ago being allowed to Import data into a field that exceeded the field length and when selecting the record Navision Crashed. This was due a “fixed width” import with spaces at the end of the field paddding it out. the way to check is to look at the other records and when the field is highlighted you will see the length by the blue background (selection)!

Hi David, Thanks for that. I think the data will have been imported using a bespoke report. The data doesn’t appear to exceed the length but we’ve discovered that within the data an &I, which I think is an insert command, so it is this that is making the system crash. Thanks