Textile Manf Add-on

Hi, Is there any Add-On solution for Apparel and Textile Manufacturing customers? Regards sreekanth

Is there something very specific to Textile industry, or can it be considered (semi) process industry ?

Apparel as process industry? I think not! Apparel specifics are normally seen as the color/size matrix, plus season management and if we talk manufacturing, then also cut specifications. There are several Apparel and Garment Add-ons available “out-there”. But most are distribution specific. Thy to contact BMI in New York (www.bmiusa.com - where I created most of their apparel add-on [:)]) or WM-DATA in Denmark (www.wmdata.dk) - two companies that I know do a lot of work with the Apparel Industry!

Hello all, We have a registered Add-on for this. It’s called Pebblestone Fashion. Today (what a coincidence) we will release version 7.20 which covers wholesale, CMT and manufacturing for Apparel, sporting goods, shoes etc. The support of matrix functionality and season management is of course part of it. Pebblestone Fshion also supports BOM’s per variant (per color/size). The current version is based on W1-3.10. In a few weeks we will release the version based on W1-3.60. Pebblestone Fashion (and the previous version called Fashion For Windows) is implemented more than 50 times now. Please contact me for more information Willy Exterkate Product Manager Pebblestone Fashion

We at WM-Data has an official Navision add-on called Variant for Apparel, Textile, Shoe or Sporting Business. Our add-on contains the following modules: Variant Trade - The basic module including Sales, Purchase, Inventory Variant Production - Simple production system, not as advanced as Manufactoring, but easy to use Variant Passive Finishing - Specials issues concerning production abroad Variant Project / Acticity Plan - Handling of Milestones, Status etc. Variant Advanced production - More advanced production issues specially for the industry Naturally the add-on is fully integrated with standard Navision. Colour/Size is “built-in” when talking about Inventory, Availability, Prices, BOM’s on alle levels etc. The add-on also includes a large number of other requirements for this industry. We are at the momemt just about to release a WW Attain 3.10 version. Variant has existed more than 5 years and has 60+ installations in Denmark (about 1/3 including production) and about 10 in Sweden/Norway. In December the first installation is the US will be completed. Please feel free to contacty me if you wish further information.

Hi All, Thanks for the Information and will comeback to the forum as i have a meeting soon with them. Is it possible to send Marketing Material to the below address, sreekanth@tridentinfo.com Thanks in Advance Sreekanth

Hi all, Is it possible to give the phone numbers so that i can reach them fast, regards sreekanth

Hi Sreekanth, Please visit our website www.pebblestonefashion.com where you can find all our contact information. Contact persons for international affairs are Theo Doelman and René-Frans van Eijk. Best regards, Willy Exterkate