Textbox property question

Maybe I’m insane, but I seem to remember a property of the TextBox that allows you to have an entry that is by default not editable, but that if you double-click in the field, it allows you to edit the contents of the TextBox. I was trying to find a form that had this to find the property, but could not find it. Anyone know which property would handle this?

Have a look at the TableBox property InlineEditing. I don’t think such a property exists for a TextBox.

On the TableBox control on the Form set the InlineEditing property.


Use this property to require the user to click in the table box or press F2 to begin editing the text inside the table box. Applies to Table boxes, matrix boxes Settings The InlineEditing settings are: If you want the user to… Choose… Click or press F2 to begin editing Yes Not have to click or press F2 to begin editing No (default) Comments The effect of setting this property to Yes is that by default, no editing will be allowed when the form is opened. The user must click on an active editable control, press F2 when an editable control is in focus, or choose to insert a new record to begin editing. The setting of this property can be changed dynamically by using the INLINEEDITING function.

Take a look at the customer ledger entry form off the customer card - the text box “Due Date” allows you to edit the field only after pressing F2 - Peter is right though - the control is through the form, not the individual text box or field.

Thanks for your help. But, I actually needed it to be on a single textbox within a tablebox. But certain fields in the tablebox are normally editable, so I would not want to use this.

But if You set all other textboxes not edtable You can use InLineEditing.

But, I don’t want them to have to double-click to change things on this particular table box, since that is the primary thing that they do to this table box. No big deal, really, but it would have been nice if it was easily possible. Thanks for everyones help.